Mixing music and technology for US DJ Gryffin
We were approached by Jordan Miles Rosenheck, Creative Director for US electronic music artist Gryffin to help produce video content for their upcoming shows - headlining at US music and arts festival Bonnaroo and performing at legendary venue Red Rocks. Gryffin is very much a visual artist who aims to create a truly holistic live show experience. Armed with an outline storyboard from Jordan we created separate looks for each track, went back and forth tweaking, re-tuning the visuals and ensuring, most importantly, it matched seamlessly with Gryffin's music. An awesome challenge and it was simply incredible to see our work jump from our desktop to enormous LED screens behind Gryffin on stage with an audience of thousands.
Jordan Miles Rosenheck (Creative Director, Gryffin):
"In my experience hiring and collaborating with studios, it really just isn’t that often you come by one like narrativ. We hired narrativ to work with us on a wide variety of high-end / high-concept content for a major music tour, and the experience was really just a treat. Great people, great thinkers, great attitude, incredible animators/artists, problem-solvers, forward-thinking, tech-savvy, excellent communication…the whole package. Grateful to have crossed paths with them and to call them friends from across the pond."

Client: Gryffin
Design Team: Jordan Miles Rosenheck
Year: 2022
Location: Bonnaroo Music Festival, Tennessee, USA
Category: Music Video Production

- art direction
- animation
- editing

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