Experience Olympia - 10 years in the making.
As planned and promised Olympia reopens its doors in 2025, to become one of the world’s leading centres for culture and innovation. It has successfully married its heritage and historical mission of educating the masses and its modern ambition of becoming the premiere destination for the showcase of art, culture and entertainment. 
Our mission is to immerse you in Olympia, we want you to experience it, all of it, everything it has to offer. Like you are already there. 
This film was the most complete and comprehensive film of the Olympia campus to date. Covering proximity to key London locations, entertainment, hospitality, fluid and flexible working, arts and education, this film fully explains the myriad of opportunities and experiences of Olympia in a clear, succinct and engaging way. At the end of the film, the audience not only understands the complex and interweaving site, but feels the irresistible need to be part of Olympia.
Rachelle Munsie (Founder, Want Marketing):
"Luis and his team really understood our objectives, followed our brief and worked closely with us to successfully deliver our vision - the quality of their work is outstanding."

Client: Yoo Capital / Deutsche Finance International
Design Team: Heatherwick Studio / SPPARC Architecture
Year: 2022
Location: London, UK
Category: Commercial, Arts, Entertainment, Hospitality
Additional Credits: Jason Hawkes - Aerial Photography

- 100% narrativ production
- film concept
- rendered animations
- live action shoot
- sourcing stock footage
- music selection
- editing
- post production
- titles

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