Offices built for the company you're building.
Heatherwick Studio, in collaboration with SPPARC Architecture, are creating a state of the art signature office building that offers flexibility, creativity and interconnectivity.

Following detailed discussions with the client team on the potential office concepts, we took their ideas and brought them to a new level. With a clear brief and an unwavering level of trust from our client, we designed and built multiple office concepts with a focus on wellness, openness and access.
Trevor Morriss (Principal, SPARCC Architecture):
"The can do attitude of the narrativ team aligned with their passion and understanding for the importance of design really shines through in their work with exceptional results."

Client: Yoo Capital / Deutsche Finance International / Want Marketing
Design Team: Heatherwick Studio / SPPARC Architecture
Year: 2017 - present
Location: London, UK
Category: Commercial, Arts, Entertainment, Hospitality

- strategy consultation
- concept interior design
- rendered marketing images
- immersive 360 VR images

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