After seeing narrativ's ground-breaking utilisation of the digital 3d human models by software company AXYZ (see Dancing Man on the right!), we were approached by the team behind the software to push their latest drop, anima5, to new levels. We were only happy to oblige and to test the limits of the new software. Anima is well known to those working in Architectural Visualisation and our ultimate mission was to open anima5 to a new audience, such as those working in VFX. For the film, we highlighted specific features of anima5, such as 4D walking people, neural crowds, motion blur, live action and atmospheric lighting. Each reel was intended to be a bitesize showcase of the new features and advantages of anima5, be suitable for social media and also edited together as a longer reel. The film shows what is possible with anima5 and the best is yet to come.
Diego Gadler (CEO, AXYZ Design):
"The experience of working with the narrativ team has been outstanding. Once we presented the ideas we had in mind for anima 5 videos, they surprised us with a unique and stunning work, bypassing the time-consuming and frustrating correction and revision phases for both the artists and the client. In short, they have been able to narrate visual stories like no other!"
Client: AXYZ Design
Year: 2022
Location: Worldwide
Category: Press and marketing campaign

- Concept design
- Technical consultation
- Full film production

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